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Flash Games

Flash games are entertainment software titles that are designed using the Adobe Flash software package. They are usually found on the Internet. » Weiterlesen

The Flash Player and How It Works

Flash has changed the way that millions have been able to experience the World Wide Web. It enables video clips to be streamed on the fly and without a specialized streaming program, it allows websites to be interactive in ways that they would never be able to achieve with just HTML alone, and it has given birth to a variety of media types such as games and internet cartoons. » Weiterlesen


About Webhosting

When interested in starting up your very own website, you will need to decide where you would like to purchase a webhosting package from. Webhosting providers give users the ability to host their website on their servers, as well as additional features that can be used in the creation and upkeep of your site. » Weiterlesen

What is Flash?

Flash is a computer platform that was created by the Macromedia company and is now operated and maintained by Adobe. It is mainly used as a multimedia platform for video, animation and interactive elements on web pages. Two of the main uses are for advertising and gaming. » Weiterlesen