Flash Banners

No matter where an individual visits on the Internet, encounter a flash banner is inevitable. These types banners have become widely popular with advertisers, but why? The following should give both a general insight to what a flash banner is and an indication as to why potential advertisers would use one to promote their product or service.

Before answering the question of why advertisers use flash banners, understanding the basics of a flash banner is paramount. As their name would indicate flash banners are created using flash technology, a widely popular way with developers of creating anything from games to entire flash websites. Flash allows a banner creator to not only make advertisements with more vibrant colors than normal banners, but also input two dimensional animation. Banners which utilize animation and movement are much more likely to attract the attention of consumers.

Looking from the perspective of advertisers, flash banners seem to be used approximately the same as normal banners. Although using a flash banner does make an advertisement more stand-out, a growing population of Internet users are blocking Flash due to the strain it can place on computer resources. Currently this population is very marginal, but if the trend continues flash could find itself falling out of favor with advertisers. However, for those wanting to implement a flash banner, there are a plethora of flash tutorials and flash templates available on the web to help one do so.

The cost of a website banner comes down to two important factors: the designer hired and the extent of the detail involved with the banner. The more inexperienced of a designer used, the cheaper he or she is likely to cost. However, the risk of getting a substandard banner is greatly increased. Also contributing to cost is how detailed a flash banner is. The more time and effort a designer has to spend implementing intricacies into a banner, the higher the cost. This is why it is important for advertisers to not only plan what is wanted in a banner before hiring a designer, but to also determine a budget for the project. If an individual is adventurous and wants to save some money by doing the job his/himself, there are free flash templates available on the Internet.

Using a well-designed flash banner can not only increase traffic flow, but also generate higher profits. The use of quality advertising can be the difference between a website making it long-term and prematurely folding.

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