Flash Games

Flash games are entertainment software titles that are designed using the Adobe Flash software package. They are usually found on the Internet.

They can be free, have a one-time cost or include a subscription fee. These games use vector graphics, meaning that they can be played at any resolution or on any screen size without losing any graphical detail. In fact, the higher-resolution the display, the better flash games will look.

Flash games primarily utilize a computer’s main CPU rather than a GPU for most of their processing. This means that in order to play them, it is not necessary to purchase an expensive new graphics card. Most business-class and home computers are capable of running even highly intensive flash games. Because flash games are built into a single cohesive “SWF” file, they can be downloaded to a computer’s hard drive and played offline. Note, however, that some games are dependent upon online content in order to work properly or provide multiplayer connectivity. Numerous portable devices such as smart phones and tablets are capable of playing SWF files. For example, Android devices are usually able to run flash games without difficulty. Note that the iPhone and iPad do not support flash games, however.

In addition to flash games, modern computers are capable of running a wide range of entertainment software. Most games depend upon the DirectX software that is bundled with every copy of Microsoft Windows. Others use the OpenGL platform to deliver their graphics and sound. Games that utilize one of these technologies are typically capable of more intense graphics and a richer gameplay experience than flash games. Action games such as the Call of Duty series put the player in the role of a soldier fighting against computer-controlled opponents or other players. Role-playing games such as World of Warcraft and Skyrim let them take on challenging quests and build unique characters in a richly detailed fantasy world. Still others test one’s skill and mental dexterity through the use of puzzles. Many of these games are also available for game consoles and do not require a dedicated computer. Others are portable and can be run on a specially-designed handheld device such as the Nintendo 3DS, the PS Vita or a smart phone.

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