Flash Websites

Flash websites are certainly some of the most visually appealing websites to the uninitiated. However, their are many things to consider if you are a webmaster who is looking at creating a flash website, among them whether your audience is still the type of audience that responds to a flash website. Below we will go through some of the pros and some of the cons of having a website with flash Technology.

The Pros of a Flash Website

Flash Websites

Flash Websites

Websites with flash are now such old hat that there are free flash templates around the Internet that you can use to create a flash website without having any outside help. Flash templates are a great way to start a flash website if you do not have the money to outsource a professional, but they are definitely better when they are tweeds so that they do not look like many of the other websites that are already out there.

Flash banners are also quite good at attracting attention to an advertisement and getting some clicks from people on various pages. A flash banner can move and attract the eye in an increasingly cluttered Internet environment of advertising and content.

There are also free flash tutorials online that you can use to create a flash website without having to necessarily hire a professional.

The Cons of a Flash Website

Flash in many ways is inferior to the newer language HTML 5, and is also much heavier of a load on servers. Flash websites take much longer to load than websites without flash, and many experts on Internet marketing say that this alone is enough to stop a person from getting your website a truly fair shake.

Another big disadvantage to flash websites is their inability to be indexed by search engines. Flash websites simply are not the type of website that is good for search engine optimization, which can definitely stop many people from ever accessing your website. The newer programming language HTML 5 is much better at being indexed by search engines, which makes it better for web marketing overall.

The bottom line is that the flash technology is definitely good for some uses, but in many ways it is quickly becoming antiquated. There are many websites which do well with the technology, and many websites who do well without you must simply make an assertion based on the needs of your particular audience.

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