What is Flash?

Flash is a computer platform that was created by the Macromedia company and is now operated and maintained by Adobe. It is mainly used as a multimedia platform for video, animation and interactive elements on web pages. Two of the main uses are for advertising and gaming.

There are two main benefits and reasons why Adobe Flash is used on web pages. The first would be that it loads very quickly to the screen being viewed. As the name implies, it is very fast. Movies that are created in this format will start automatically. The movie will continue to load, or “stream” the content while the video is playing.

Secondly, Flash uses vector graphic animation. This simply means that graphics are created and displayed utilizing formulas and special code. Other graphics programs utilize colored dots to create photos and graphics. The difference is in the file size. Vector graphics are considerably smaller, and will therefore load much quicker.

For the average user, there is little that needs to be done when it comes to utilizing Flash. In most cases, there is already a player installed on the computer or embedded in the web browser. In most cases, a person will not even know that a video or animation is using this particular type of technology.

All programs, banners and games that operate using Flash are designed and written utilizing the same type of format. Because of this, it has become the standard across multiple platforms. It has been around for a number of years and is being used by thousands of computer platforms. Even with this widespread use, there are still a number of different alternatives and opponents of Adobe Flash. HTML5 is currently gaining popularity as a viable alternative. This format is still relatively new and is not widely used by developers, so it is taking some time to gain popularity. Computer programs and applications are always evolving and changing. For the time being, Flash is at the top when it comes to displaying multimedia content.

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